Tech Meets Books// Reality Boy by A.S King

Friday, March 14, 2014

I was reading Reality Boy this week and it's really good so far, which inspired me to make this wallpaper as a part of my Tech Meets Books feature. 

Tech Meets Books: Reality Boy by A.S King computer wallpaper
Link to download is below the jump

Link to download the Reality Boy wallpaper

Reality television is something that's fascinating and disturbing at the same time. What happens to the people on reality TV after they're done with the show? Are their lives still messed up? What about the continued cultural fascination about them? A.S King does a really great job not only at capturing the ups and downs of being a teenager such as falling in love, but also bringing attention to important issues such as the ramifications capturing the lives of troubled children. A review of Reality Boy should be up soon, so look forward to it! 


  1. I just went through, looking at all the art you made for this feature. It's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love how you followed the colour scheme of the cover :D I had no idea it was about people who went on reality show and what happens to them next. Definitely gonna check this out at the library next time!

  3. Guess it's time I seriously think about reading Reality Boy in the summer. Despite the plain-to-see clue, I had no idea Reality Boy was about reality TV and while, I'm not a big fan I do love to read stuff about the whole scenario.

    I love the literal divider in the wallpaper 'cause it's a little symbolic, the quote is so good, and the colors compliment each other so well.

  4. Thank you! Reality Boy is such a great read.


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