A Visit to the Bookstore Pt.2

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Visit to the Bookstore Part Two

I find independent bookstores strangely comforting and as I found myself in my local bookstore back home with a friend, I was flooded with the memories that I spent in the bookstore with my friend. Growing up, I never imagined that I'd be the type to start sentences with the words, "Remember when..." but I now, I find myself starting to do it. I also find silences strangely comforting, too. I'm getting old, haha. 

The Literary History of America
As I was browsing the racks, I found these two books strangely interesting. A New Literary History of America is a collection of essays and history about the things that made America what it is today, told in a linear chronological format. Pretty neat, right? Things to do with Books in Victorian Britain seems pretty interesting, too. I'm not sure if it's a craft book or what since the cover has roses made from book pages.

I think it's interesting and lovely how independent bookstores vary based on where they are. The local bookstore back at home, which are in the photos here, is different from the bookstore that I go to when I'm on campus, and I'm okay with it. I had the great fortune to go to my local bookstore as they were having a large sale. Sale? The word is music to my ears. I wanted to buy the hardcover version of The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides, which was on sale for only $8, but I decided against it. I think I'm feeling a little bit of the reverse of buyers regret (non-buyer regret?)... On that note, I'm feeling a little sad that I didn't pick up the autographed copy Chang-rae Lee's On Such a Full Sea when I had the chance at my local Barnes and Noble... 

Have you regretted not buying a book? What's your bookstore like? Do you have any good memories in bookstores?


  1. Definitely feel you on the regretting not buying a book! I feel this way also at the library when I have more books than I can borrow. I normally go with the policy of just getting it anyways because regretting that you got it feels much more easier than not getting it. It's the worse when you go back and find out the book isn't there anymore!

    I don't go to bookstores here a lot because everything is so expensive and online shopping lets me buy more books but I do have good memories of when I would go into a bookstore and just read. I wish I could do that now, although I could haha but it just feels weird to read in a bookstore now. I can't really read comfortably unless I'm at home.

  2. I try not to buy too many books nowadays for budgeting reasons. If I can borrow the book or listen to it on my unlimited audiobooks account, I'd rather do that. But I have regretted not buying one when I really wanted to have the shiny. I seem to only go to bookstores for events lately, just to try to keep myself from buying ALL the books.

  3. I'm ashamed to say I have never been to an independent bookstore. Well I may have gone to one once. I don't know. I just go to Barnes and Noble. I shall change that since I am discovering my town does have some unlike I thought. Thanks for sharing!


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