(Another) 5 Mobile Apps for Productivity & Blogging

Monday, June 23, 2014

I was cleaning out my phone recently and I thought I should do an updated post of my post about the apps on my phone that help with productivity, which I wrote earlier this year. 

I mentioned in my earlier post that I use Any.do but I don't have Any.do anymore on my phone because it was slightly irritating me. It's a great app but I only really use note-taking apps on my phone for jotting down blogging ideas and I didn't really like how I woke up everyday with a "Let's do something" kind of message. It's great if you use Any.do for everyday use though! I personally enjoy Google Keep a lot more. 

1. MightyText

Some people are Apple fanboys (and fangirls) but I'm more of a Google fangirl. I like my MacBook but it's one of the only things in my life that is Apple. I like the simplicity of Google and I like Androids. The one thing I wish Android has that Apple has is the ability to text/message people from your computer. MightyText does that for me. You install the app on your phone and install the extension on your browser, voila! You can text and call (!!!) from your computer. You also have access to your contacts, too. 

It's really convenient for when I misplace my phone or leave my phone at home and still need to text people (ie. study sessions, plans later for the day, etc.).

2. Feedly 

I used to only use Feedly on my computer but after getting it on my phone, it's so much easier. I scroll through blog posts on the go and it all stays in one place. BEST READER (after Google Reader, but that died so...) ever. 

3. Buffer (for mobile)

I've talked about Buffer before in my post about dealing with and managing social media but I can not stress more how much I love it. I read a lot of articles on my phone and it's great for sharing content on the go. I don't have to worry about scheduling posts and times since it already does it for me. 

4. Google Voice

It's not really an app per say but it does help me with my voice mail conundrum. The New York Times recently did a piece about how people under 35 hate are anxious about voicemail  and it's so true (at least for me). I see that little voicemail notification at the top of my screen and I just dread the moment where I have to press "1" on my phone to check my voicemail.

Basically you sign up for an account (I have the free version) and after setting up your account, you get a notification sent to your email (or phone) with the phone number that left you the voice mail and a transcription of the voicemail. It's all done by machine so it's not the most accurate thing ever but I can get the jist of the message most of the time. 

5. Google Now (Android only)

I do realize that I have a lot of Google apps on this list but seriously, I do enjoy using them and I like them. I probably should be concerned about how heavily Google mines my data to create custom notifications for me (ie. when I should leave to get to the airport in time for my flight, weather cards for my destination, construction on my usual route someplace, etc) but I like how pertainable the information is. Basically a really great virtual assistant. I'm not quite sure if it's an app you can "download" since I think it's built-into a lot of Android phones already but I might be wrong. 

What apps do you use that help with your life? Do you use mobile apps to help? 


  1. Google Now is the coolest thing EVER! :) Great list!

  2. YES! It's great and it helps me out so much.

  3. I loveeee the Feedly phone app. When everyone was like Bloglovin vs. Feedly, I originally went to Bloglovin'. But between the follower counts and notifications (which annoy me) and all the Bloglovin frames over the posts, I decided to switch to Feedly and I'm so glad I did - especially for that app. Whenever I'm going anywhere it's the first thing I do. I scroll through all the posts and save the ones I want to add to my recap. The only downside is that I don't like commenting on my phone, so my blog comments have dropped drastically since I started doing it because I'll read posts, but not comment because I'm doing it on my phone. Fail. Trying to work on that now. >.<

    Oh, and I love the idea of Google Voice. I don't really get many voicemails to begin with, but any time I can sort of limit the phone use of my phone I'm happy. (Does that sound weird? I really am not a phone person...)

  4. Definitely Feedly! Its so much easier to navigate through posts. I never knew of the voicemail feature on Google Voice. I must check that out!

  5. I think the app I use the most would have to simply be Wordpress. Using iOS is great, but my blogging just ends up being done on the laptop no matter how I try to use my mobile time to blog. Commenting on Bloggers blogs is the worst on mobile.

    But yeah, total Apple fangirl over here. I don't like knowing that one company knows everything about me, and Google just recently employed a tactic to dominate mobile privacy even in iOS and that sucks. I hate snooping companies, and I hope no one with good sense will buy the Fire phone because that's what it would do. Data mining aside, I do love how paid apps just suddenly turn free. I've downloaded quite a lot now and they're really good. I just downloaded one called Boximize the other day and the categorizing abilities are endless, and it actually has me excited to categorize things haha.

    If there is one disadvantage to using iOS, it would have to be the lack of Google Now. I don't want to end up being a data mine but I still want to try it nonetheless.

  6. Yes! I love how Feedly makes all the blog formatting uniform. It makes the posts so much easier to read on the fly.

  7. I totally agree that all my blogging ends up being done on my laptop. I do take notes for possible blog ideas on my phone, though.

    A lot of other online companies data mine too (ie Facebook, most websites) which is why I love the Ghostery extension. Boximize sounds really interesting and I definitely have to check it out sometime!

  8. Yes, Feedly is fabulous! I used to have Bloglovin' and absolutely hated the Feedly interface but after trying it out for a bit longer, I am absolutely in love with it! It's just the perfect little reader without the emphasis on socializing like Bloglovin does. Like following blogs is a personal thing and it doesn't really need to be made into a social media thing. I haven't really checked out the Bloglovin app but I honestly don't think it can get better than the Feedly app. So easy and intuitive! The only thing is I wish there was tags available on the mobile app but that's just a tiny thing and one I can live without.

  9. Yes, I love Feedly! I don't really care for bloglovin's social media aspect since I prefer what I read to be mainly a private thing, not that I have anything to be ashamed of as not everything I do needs to be public.

  10. I just want to say that I am happy you featured Google apps and Androids. Too often everyone seems Apple crazy and it drives me nuts. I've been using Hootsuite but the fact that Buffer schedules posts for you?? I might need to switch!!

  11. Yes! Android forever, haha. Buffer for mobile is really great + convenient! They also have a Chrome extension that automatically schedules posts for you from the link that you're viewing.


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