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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here's another round of Insta-books, my feature where I trawl Instagram to find bookish Instagrammers. What I love about this feature is that I get to find Instagrammers who might not be book bloggers but still love books. I hope you like this feature as much as I like putting it together. 

1//melinwonderland  Her Instagram feed is gorgeous and her photography is so lovely! She's a personal style/lifestyle blogger by the looks of her blog, which is equally as gorgeous as her Instagram feed. It's a touch whimsical and bright, which I love. She's Brazilian and most of her posts are in Portuguese, which I don't really understand, but it doesn't stop me from following her feeds. 

2//herbooks_ She doesn't post too often but each of her posts are wonderfully curated and composed. Her bio reads "Reader | Let's just admit this, fictional guys are always better than guys in reality" and I just have to agree just a little. ;) Also, that sandwich reminds me a lot of Rilakumma, which is definite plus in my book. 

3//halfdesertedstreets Her feed is a little vintage-y and occasionally filled with food but I want to double tap all the photos. I like food and books a lot, okay? She's also a book blogger and her posts are pretty interesting as well. 

4//wondrousreads This girl's profile pic is a #bookandface that's perfectly matched and aligned. Enough, said. 

Let me know your favorite Instagram feeds! I'm really interested in finding more feeds and what you look for in Instagram feeds. 


  1. I really like this feature because I like looking at different instagram accounts featuring books, too. There are some lovely ones out there! If I come across another, I'll write it down to share with you :)

  2. Thanks Ginger! :) Instagram is really great and I can spend so much time just browsing through it.

  3. Holy cow. The Fragile Eternity one is trippy! And I love the Alice and Wonderland one. So cool! :D

    This is a great feature. Short and sweet and interesting. :)

    Amelia | The Authoress

  4. I love this feature sooo much! I don't use Instagram for my photos but I do use it to follow others and I'm always on the hunt for more bookish people to follow. So thanks for this! I don't have anyone to share though because I'm pretty sure everyone I currently follow I found through you haha! :)

  5. Hahaha, thanks! Instagram is great for finding great photos and inspiration for a lot of things.

  6. Right? The Fragile Eternity one is just so great! So happy that you like it!

  7. I love this feature! I follow so many people on Instagram and I love seeing everyone's bookish pictures. All the ones you chose are great but I'm a bit partial to #2 since My Life Next Door is one of my favorite books :)


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