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Friday, July 11, 2014

Since this week is travel week on the blog, I thought I should do a quick and easy DIY for a travel-themed notebook. It doesn't need a lot of supplies either and most of the supplies are ones that are already in your house. I hope you like it! 

Travel Journal DIY

Travel Journal DIY Supplies

Supplies You'll Need

  • Glue/Glue Stick
  • Scissors/Paper cutter
  • Journal (not the ones with a wire spire)
  • Thread (any color)- Not pictured
  • Needle
  • Map/Map Printout- I used a map that I had laying around that was from a state tourism office. The next time you go to a visitor center, be sure to take an extra for this project! If you're using a printout, I suggest printing it on relatively thick (doesn't have to be cardstock thick though) paper.

Travel Journal Trace Step
1. Trace
Trace the shape of your journal that's laid flat. Be sure to leave an extra allowance of one to two inches (3-5 cm). 
Travel Journal Cut Step

2. Cut 
Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut out the shape. 
Travel Journal Sketch Step

3. Sketch a design
I did a random design, starting with a heart and a haphazard path (shown in red for better viewing but you can use a pencil to sketch out your design). You can follow a path that you traveled, center the heart on a place that has meaning for you, or like me, do a random path. It's really your choice! You can also sketch a shape, letters, etc. 

Travel Journal Sew Step
4. Sew
Following the patch that you sketched out, start sewing! I used two strands of regular thread and a normal needle but feel free to use embroidery thread and needles, though the embroidery needle may result in larger holes. When sewing, be gentle and don't tug too hard on the thread or else the paper will rip. 

5. Glue
Flip your map over and lay the journal on it. With the journal splayed open and in the center of the paper, fold both ends over onto the journal. Glue the ends down onto the journal and close. Don't make it too tight or else the journal will not close. 

Voila! You're done! I hope you like this DIY! If you want, you can also glue an envelope on the inside cover of the journal to store all your travel momentos. 

Do you like maps? Where have you gone? Do you like making things?

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