Phobias: Book Version

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week, Joanna Goddard wrote about phobias on A Cup of Jo and while I have all the usual phobias that most people have-- no internet connection (or phone signal!), bugs, fear of heights, and fears that some don't have--birds, I have plenty of fears that relate to books. Though to be fair, my fears relating to books aren't half as bad as my fear of birds, lack of internet connection, they're still there. 

1. Getting water on my books
I will not get one drop of water on my books. Going out and bringing a book? I'm bringing a waterproof bag, which pretty much excludes all the canvas tote bags from BEA, like ever. Drinking a liquid and reading? The cup and my book will be far, far away. Eating and reading? One hand will be dedicated to eating something that doesn't stain/drop/drip and the other will be touching the book. I usually never read and eat though. 

2. Going to the library and only have it be closed
It's like running through a prairie filled with rabbits, clovers and a rainbow and only to run into a glass door. All the books are locked up. One of the saddest sights ever. 

3. Breaking the spine for the first time
I don't know about you but I really hate doing it. Whenever I do it, it's oddly satisfying and disappointing because hearing the crack for the first time is great but you realize that the spine will always give away more easily. 

4. Accidentally folding a page
You know when you're in a rush so you just throw things into your bag so you can get out the door and do great things? I always am super careful when I'm putting in a book so I don't accidentally shove it in my bag and bend a page in the process. 

5. Seeing people commit book crimes
Okay, this is serious, people. I cry inside a little every time I see someone fold over a page to hold their place, crack a paperback spine a little too much, and folding the paperback cover, creating a crease and a whole lot more. 

Basically. Do you have any phobias? What about ones relating to books? 

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