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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I don't read books on a regular, punctual basis. Hold up, you say, you blog about books. How does that even work? I binge read a lot since free time comes and goes. Since I have magazine subscriptions that more or less come on a punctual basis, so I end up reading magazines regularly. While I enjoy reading the usual Time, National Geographic, Vogue/TeenVogue, and Nylon, I also independent magazines.

Independent magazines aren't as well known but the quality are just as good, in many cases, better than their big-name magazine counterparts.  They're chock full of wonderful writing, photography and design as well as for the most part, ad-free content, which is a rarity these days. 

I find usually find myself opening one, cracking one open, as I study for exams. Procrastination at its best. Jokes aside, here are some of my favorite indie magazines. 

Kinfolk Cherry Bombe Paper Darling Magazines


There's something calming about Kinfolk's aesthetic. It's simple, minimalistic and just so damn aesthetically pleasing. It's 144 pages of content, with no-ads. The latest issue, Issue 12, revolves around the theme of "Saltwater" and has photo essays, essays, recipes and interviews that revolve around the sea. 

Each issue is themed and while it's pricier than the average magazine from the newsstand, it pays off since there are no ads and the paper is of good quality. It's almost like a book. 

Excerpts from Issue 12 are:

Cherry Bombe

It's a biannual magazine and I have issue 2 (it's on issue 3 now).  It's a ~150 page magazine free of ads that's dedicated to one of my other loves, food. It's full of interviews,  food photography that makes me drool and cafes. The quality is wonderful and the pages are so thick. It's heavenly. Have I told you that I really love food? 

Paper Magazine

It's a thin-ish magazine with fashion and music editorials. It's a different than most magazines, including Nylon but it's a nice kind of different and I enjoy reading it. I got my subscription from Amazon for $10, I think. 

Darling Magazine

I enjoy this magazine so much. Format wise, it's like Kinfolk and Cherry Bombe in the way that it's aesthetically pleasing and has 150 pages of ad-free content. The tagline for Darling is: "the art of being a woman" and part of their mission statement is "We are committed to sparking a positive feminine revolution—believing that all women are not only interesting, but original; not only good enough, but exceptional; not just here, but here for a purpose."

Some of my favorite recent articles are:

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