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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A speedy hello from me, in between sorting 600+ slides of information and attempting to figure out 21 sections of one out of three chapters (#midtermweek), about home libraries.

I FELL IN LOVE (dear Reader).*

Not quite with a person, but with the idea of home libraries, books stacked literally to the ceiling, walls filled with books and color-coded shelves. A girl can dream about books, books for pleasure instead of whatever textbook I'm stuck in right now. These interiors are much more appealing right now than LTP's but hey, it's those LTP's that are helping me through the exams so I should be thankful, right?

Literally, I've discovered the addictiveness of Pintrest and I've been pinning things through my study sessions. Strictly during breaks, though.

Also, the new OS for Mac (Yosemite) is gorgeous. It's more like iOS 8 but for the Mac.

Home Library Uneven Shelving
I'm super in love with the uneven shelves paired with the open window dividers that frame the shelves. I love the calming sense that I get from this.  

Home Library Slanted Loft
I adore how this image is framed-- the two-toned ceiling/wall and the slant of the ceiling. Granted, I totally wouldn't want to live in a loft like that since I'd probably fall. I like how simple everything is. 

The dark colors use in this interior works since there's so many windows and natural lighting. It's seriously a wall of books. While I'm not entirely sold on the functionality of the ladder since I'm prone to a falling, I love that you can climb on it to reach the top-most section of books. 

Creative Spaces Home Library
This! It looks super cozy and while I'm not really a fan of that fur footrest/coffee table, I do love the color scheme in this. I also think it's neat how the photo frames are attached on the walls of the shelves. It makes me question how accessible the books are but hey, it's the aesthetics, right? 

Adoring this rainbow of a bookshelf. I don't have enough colors/books to do this and I like prefer to sort my books according to size but it's still pretty neat. 

What are some of your favorite home libraries? How do you organize your books?

*an allusion to Jane Eyre

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