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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm always on a perpetual search for DIYs and more often than not, you can find me on Pintrest or in stores thinking, "How do you DIY that?" When I was younger, my mom let me run around in Michaels buying up their 10-cent felt sheets that I would take home and cut up, making clothes for my numerous teddy bears.

Felt bear clothing aside, I've been making things ever since and during a study break, I chanced upon these super cute and simple DIYs for that are perfect for the book-lover. I personally love the Harry Potter Kindle DIY (can be adjusted for other tablets) because it's simple yet cute.  From bookmarks to shelves, I hope you'll find a project that you like!

DIY Dot Notebook (via Moments to Live For)
Isn't this the cutest? I love how colorful and simple it is and who knew you could do so much with washi tape? Super easy to bring your drab one-color notebooks into something colorful! You can probably tweak the DIY to get chevron, checks or any other patterns.

DIY Notebook Heart Sweater (via Little Things Blogged for Clarabelle Makes)
I can't crochet (or knit) very well but when I see things like this, I really want to learn! It's super cute and how many notebooks do you see are crocheted?

DIY/IKEA hack Distressed Shelving ( via Sugar and Cloth)
Anyone who follows me on Pintrest will know that this type of shelving probably has appeared in my pins oh, only about 90% of all the interior design pins that I pin. I love how simple the shelving is and how it's an Ikea hack.

I love how cute and simple the design is! The design is made out of felt, which brings back memories of my childhood and how much I'd play with felt. The design can be easily tweaked for non-Kindle devices and probably a HP-inspired tote bag as well (Buy a solid color tote from a craft store and add the design on top.).

DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks (via Lemon Squeezy Home)
Super quick and simple bookmarks! I love how customizable it is and how easy it is. These are magnetic so it's hard to lose your place.

What's your favorite DIY? 

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