Hey, I'm Jessica. 

I’m a freelance culture writer, medical student and blogger based between Philadelphia and New York. I'm passionate about health, especially how media can make it more accessible, Asian American representation in the media, and medicine. By Jessica Yang is a place for me to collect my writing as well as document my love for books, travel and all things creative.

In my free time, I enjoy finding places to eat, walking around in bookshops, and exploring places. I'm known for stress-baking chocolate chip cookies, taking my camera everywhere (sometimes I'll be shameless and stand up to get a good photo of food) and recommending books to everyone.

As a writer, I’ve written for publications such as Los Angeles Review of Books, Quirk Books Blog, Huffington Post and more. I’ve interviewed celebrities, put together campaigns and written reviews. To read some of my writing, you can go here.

If you want to reach out and talk, whether it’s to say hello or work together, email me at hello@byjessicayang.com. 

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