BY JESSICA YANG is a collection of thoughts on topics such as career, books, DIY and travel, aiming to inspire others to create, find balance and relax in this busy world. This blog was originally started in 2009 and formerly called Crazy Red Pen.

About Jessica Yang

I’m a writer, researcher, sometime photographer and perpetual student. I believe in pursuing dreams, all of them. I am a habitual resident of the Northeast (with a brief stint in the Midwest) and split my time between two cities. By Jessica Yang is a place for me to collect my writing as well as document my love for books, travel and all things creative.

I’ve written for publications such as Los Angeles Review of Books, Quirk Books Blog, Huffington Post and more. I’ve interviewed celebrities, put together campaigns and written reviews.

If you want to reach out and talk, whether it’s to say hello or work together, email me at hello@byjessicayang.com 

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